Why Choose

HIGHFLOW® Premium Engine Air Filters deliver the perfect blend of performance optimization, exceptional engine protection, and convenience. HIGHFLOW air filters boast a specialty media engineered to allow greater airflow into the engine’s intake manifold without sacrificing the efficiency critical to protecting internal engine components. To accomplish this feat, HIGHFLOW® Premium Air Filters pair a high-flowing media with a light coating of oil, enabling the filter to trap 2X the contaminants while maintaining 99% efficiency. Sealed in a plastic bag and ready to install out of the box, HIGHFLOW engine air filters are designed for high-flow, high-capacity performance for 12,000 miles.

Superior Protection

Specially treated media stops twice the dirt and contaminants of conventional air filters.

Optimized Performance

Engineered to meet the needs of modern engines while providing exceptional protection.

Quick & Convenient

Doesn't require any cleaning, drying, or oiling. Just install and get back on the road quickly.