What Oil Filter Do I Need?

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Choosing the correct oil filter for your car or truck doesn’t have to be difficult. Selecting the right oil filter for your vehicle is all about having the details needed to make an informed decision. The following information should help you as you go through the selection process.

Consult Your Vehicle's Manual:

Your vehicle's manual is an invaluable resource for all maintenance-related information. Under specifications it will provide you the size or designation of the engine. This, along with the year, make and model of your car or truck are the key details needed to look-up your vehicle in an oil filter application guide. Also important is the vehicle identification number or VIN. The VIN has 17 characters and is normally located on the driver’s side of the dashboard. It will be viewable through the windshield. If it’s not shown on the dashboard, check the driver’s side door jamb.

Consider Quality:

It’s important to know that not all oil filters are manufactured to the same quality standards. This is why auto manufacturers specify an oil filter for a particular vehicle. It’s also why choosing a high-quality oil filter is essential for the overall health of your engine. By choosing an oil filter from a reputable brand like HIGHFLOW you can feel confident that your car or truck’s engine is being maintained correctly.

Oil Filters

Pay Attention to the Recommended Drain Interval:

It’s important to make sure you select an oil filter that has the filtering capacity to last the complete drain interval. Some vehicles use a standard type of oil filter. A standard filter is used for oil changes that are done every 3K to 5K miles. Standard oil filters are manufactured with a conventional paper or media. The media is the primary part of an oil filter that determines how long an oil filter can be installed and is what filters out harmful particles from entering your engine. Other cars and trucks may have been specified by the vehicle manufacturer to have their oil changed only once a year or over 5K miles. The filter required for a longer oil change interval is normally referred to as an extended life oil filter. It has a synthetic type of media that can last longer than conventional media. This is why it’s important to choose an oil filter that has the filtering capacity to last until your next oil change.

Vehicle Application Lookup:

Knowing the year, make, model and engine size of your vehicle, you can now use an oil filter application lookup guide to locate the correct oil filter for your car or truck. Most online vehicle application guides also provide a VIN lookup. Type in your 17-character number, and it will fill in the year, make, model and engine size of your car or truck. Using the VIN is a great way to eliminate any questions about year, make, model and engine size.

Seek Professional Advice:

If you are still unsure about the right oil filter for your vehicle or encounter any difficulties during the selection process, seek advice from a trusted mechanic, or you can contact HIGHFLOW support at support@highflow.com. What’s important is that you choose the right oil filter for your vehicle.

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